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10-19-2010, 04:09 PM
[quote=MelineAaele;3103149]The problem is that its really hard fighting another premade in an all defiant team.. But thats part of the fun.. We know were outclassed.. That we have very weak heals.. That a healstacked cruiser group can simply outlast us.. Especially after the RSP change.. But, we get better
[quote]That would be changed by bringing even one dedicated healer though.

And frankly.. A PUG will always have problems against a good premade.. Its only in those rare cases where you end up in a group with 4 good players, that a PUG can beat a premade - Theres simply too many .. not so skilled players (or leechers) for a good chance of a really good PUG Fedside
I've been in a few good ones, usually it takes a couple of minutes for everyone to realize that the rest of the team isn't playing like crap before everyone starts really supporting one another.

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