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# 1 Zonealarm and STO.
10-18-2010, 10:17 PM
In this thread:

I had a few bugs, and the big brans wound here advised doing a net test, and afterwards making sure certain ports where enabled. Well today I've installed a new router, and all seemed fine, I enabled those ports as required, but it failed to alter the low scores on my nettest.

So I figured the culprit is my Firewall, namely zonealarm. I've googled like mad, even checked their website, but all their material and answers for enabling ports is based around earlier versions, and point you towards buttons that don't exist on my version.

So does anyone know how to set TCP ports on Ver 9.2.057?

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10-20-2010, 07:45 AM
if your using the free version of zone alarm as far as i recall there has never been an option to add or modify ports, applications basicly either have access to the internet or not or internet or trusted zones .

makesure STO is allowed via at least the trusted zone

if you suspect ZA is causing connection problems simply disable it and test STO for a few mins or run nettest again with it disabled, if your worried enable windows firewall while your testing

the help file within zone alarm is ok but it points to features that only exist in the premium version of ZA but here the ports are opened for your zones either trusted or internet zones not applications so may be a little less secure than some other firewalls...

from ZA help file (search for ports)
To specify additional ports:

Select Firewall.
In either the Trusted Zone or Internet Zone area, click Custom.
The Firewall settings dialog appears.

Scroll to the security level (High or Medium) to which you want to add ports.
Select the desired port type: incoming UDP, outgoing UDP, incoming TCP, or outgoing TCP.
Type the port or port ranges you want to allow or block in the Ports field, separated by commas. For example, 139, 200-300
Click Apply, then click OK

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