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*Choosing a jacket in the morning is a question of which has better AP resist.

*You have to constantly remind yourself that you *CAN* buy certain uniforms as Halloween costumes without a C-store unlock.

*You get into traffic on the highway and reach for the slipstream button.
**Some jerk cuts you off and you reach for the autofire

*You ask if you should pay for that Hardees burger in Gold Pressed Latinum or in Energy Credits

*You want to know if your bank will take Starfleet Merit in lieu of credit score

*Your primary evaluation of a computer consists of "how well will it run STO?"

*Your browser auto-opens on the STO forums and latest release notes

*You have a Starfleet case for your iOS device, and you use it like a PADD
**(and you are proud of it))

*You have a test/deadline/project/meeting/date/ballgame to attend and all you do is stay home and play STO
**You will TiVO your favorite shows, miss the big game, even abandon the Superbowl under extreme circumstances..... but you would rather let the world burn in atomic fires than miss the next weekly release

*You watch TNG/VOY/TOS/DS9 episodes while patching

*You have modded the STO ingame LCARS in some way to make them more cannon

*You have *all* purple end-game ship, ground, and BOFF gear. On more than one VA.
**And more than one General
***At the same time

*You have no dang idea who to vote for, or whos ahead in the elections... but you darn well know exactly what players are asking/begging/voting for or arguing over at the STO forums.

*You dressed up your cat as a Sehlat cub for Halloween

*You have ever run more than one STF in a day (is this even possible?)

*You post in Ten Forward

*You post in this thread

*You post more than once in this thread

*You can't replace a broken starter, but you know what every piece of gear is in the entire game and how it works or performs compared to all the others.
**You know where to get them and for how much

*You spend more than 10 minutes a session fiddling with your uniform at the tailor

*You spend more than 15 minutes trawling the exchange for awesome deals

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