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after many hard months on STO, i made up my way up to vice admiral with my favorite Federation officers.
Sadly i experienced, PvP vs Klingons usualy is a lost cause, due to lack of communication or pvp experience of Federation groups.

Since i see myself as a teamplayer and PvP is my favorite occupation in any mmorpg, it is the logical cause of action, applying to a pvp fleet. (Now guess which race i selected for my main character)

If there is a pvp fleet out there who is willing to accept a new member, please respond or ingame mail me (@doublefrag)

I have the following expectations:

- mature fleet (i am +30))
- language: decent english or german
- voice chat (teamspeak 3 or ventrillo)
- focus on pvp
- atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation

live long and prosper
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10-22-2010, 08:00 AM
hello, i am with the 4th fleet we have grown into a multi gaming guild of vow. as the 4th fleet part is of course for sto we are recruiting. we are a mature, friendly group of people that like to play weather it be pvp pve or fleet actions. we use team speak 3 to communicate and have our own website you can apply at i will respond to your application with instruction on team speak. hope to see you in the VOW and 4th fleet.
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10-22-2010, 10:29 AM
Hay nice to meet you from the freindly -ADF-
We are one of the oldest fleets in STO! We have members that have been around since Beta testing as well as members who just started the game recently. We have a PvE division and a PvP division in our Fleet. There are players in our fleet from all over the world, so we have players on-line at almost all times of the day. We have a Teamspeak server so we can all communicate together easily as well as our own website. We also do lots of Fleet activities (STF's, PvP training, RPing, activities with other Fleets). If this sounds good to you then check out our website and download and connect to our Teamspeak server for free and come talk to one of the leaders
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10-22-2010, 11:14 AM

I invite you to check out the 44th. We happen to be just starting up a dedicated PVP team. (We just started up about 2 weeks ago). Our PVP participants are building a team from scratch, with new alts specifically built for PVP. We are PVP'ing together starting at Lt.Cmdr, and leveling up mainly through PVP. It's been a blast. I used to hate PVP, but that was because I would do a pick-up game just for dailies. BUT, being on a team... it's a whole different ballgame. So far, at Lt.Cmdr, we win 95% of arena matches (against Klingons. Pretty much 100% against Feds). So much so, that we've been accused of cheating/hacking, lol. We use ventrilo, and have age 18+ requirement. Our usual PVP time is in the evening after 9 pm PST. If this time works for you, come check us out.

Of course our fleet does the usual PVE stuff too, including the STFs.

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