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Gentlemen (Devs),

I first like to say I appreciate the work you developers have done to improve the quality of the game. I have patiently awaited each & every new concept you have brought to the game, but with that said ( & I mean it), I do have to bring an issue to your attention that I feel is a grave error on your part.
Bringing the Excelior class ship to the game was a truely necessary addition that needs to be done, but with its addition, you have knocked the teeth out of the Sovereign class battleship. Yes, I know you have the Sovereign classified as an Assault Cruiser, but the Sovereign class is a battleship, and should carry more bite than the Excelior (including the T5 Excelior). I feel it's time for a refit of the Sovereign back to the Command Battleship status that it should be. Remember, the Sovereign class is the flagship of the Federation, it should be more tactical than the Excelior, if by no other argument than its launch was many years AFTER the Excelior. My suggestion for the refit is to at least give it equal consoles & bridge officer stations that the T5 Excelior has. Give it an additional front weapon slot that can equip a single Dual Heavy Cannon that can give it more of its bite back. It should have a stronger hull than the T5 Excelior & what would be really cool is to actually have the DHC in the graphics of the ship skin. It should have the same customization features as the current Sovereign, but also, not be available until higher rank levels (maybe Fleet Admiral rank if you have plans for this rank). I wouldn't mind if you decided to add it as a C-store item myself, as long as it had the HDC 5th weapon slot. The Sovereign has many fans, probabily as many if not more than the Galaxy class & you have really catered to the Galaxy fan base. So please, give us fans of the Sovereign something to be proud to fly & fight in. Due to the release of the T5 Excelior, I have been forced to park my Sovereign for the additional tactical features in the T5, and though the Excelior class is a very nice ship to fly at Commander & Captain levels ( since I refuse to fly the Galaxy due to its turn rate), with the current structure of the cruiser class, I end up flying the Excelior for all the ranks from Commander up to Vice Admiral.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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