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10-23-2010, 10:43 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
And lastly, of course it's probably also a bit of wishful thinking. I maintain that Starfleet's primary purpose is exploration (emphasized by its political issues with the Defiant), hence my general stance regarding Starfleet battleships or carriers - but naturally there'll always be people who just think this stuff is "cool", and so we end up with vastly different interpretations of canon. Matter of taste/opinion.
I am fiercly against Federaqtion Battleships and Carriers.
The Federation and Starfleet should never ever build warships (the Defiant was a big mistake and should never be introduced), it should be better than that.
But i think many players just don't care about Federation/Starfleet philosophy.
I even think that the Federation should concentrate on perfecting Star Cuiser classes.

Originally Posted by Valias
The Sovereign is certainly stronger than its predecessors - but no more than the 1701-D was to its predecessors. It's an ongoing upgrade without a change of focus, at least imo.
110% agreed.

Originally Posted by Valias
And your English is perfect, don't worry.
Oh, thank you very much.

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