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OK I just wanted to say A Klingon who uses his cloak especially the BoP pilots are not cowards.

I mean you can call me one all you want but at the end of the battle when I have only died once and gotten 10 to 20 kills. You might think again about what you think is cowardly. Good warriors use the tools at hand to win the battle. A coward runs from battle a Klingon uses cloak to hit and run you to death. I know first hand how frustrating it can be but get over it.

The reason I say this is because I have had at least 6 people in one day call me a coward for using the powers given to me.

I was in a match last night that started out pretty badly we were down something like 10 to 3. I had only died once but we were having a hard time breaking the fed ball. Well finally we were able to break the ball and soon we were dropping them quickly. We ending up winning 15 /14. Then out of no were I'm being called a coward because every time they tried focus firing on me I would take off and cloak then come back and lay another Alpha strike on them.

So to sum up, calling Klingons cowards when you get your ass handed to you is not a good way to show you have a clue,

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