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# 1 Sector Block Daily Propoal
10-24-2010, 01:35 PM
Sector Block Dailies
'cause it's lonely out in space

I personally felt the sector block dailies for the Deferi Series were really well done. They were short, sweet, and offered something to do every day. They also told the story of the sector and the conflict between the Breen and Deferi.
"Refit" all the sector blocks in the game to have a few daily patrols to run, much like the Deferi Sector.

Keep in mind these are mini-missions. They shouldn't last longer than ten minutes. The goal here are small things to do every day for players. This should help ease content gaps in various sector blocks too
Sector Block Name
Mission #) Mission Name (faction, if any): description
(repeat as needed)
Accolade Descriptions


Alpha Centauri
1) Sierra Smuggler Run (Fed): Find five illegal shipments passing through Starbase Sierra
2) Hadrian Defense Grid: Repair defense turrets for outpost (if klingon, destroy turrets - opens up Open PvP opportunities)
3) Construct Colony at Vendor: Aid colonists in vendor system by crafting components.
4) Pilatus Communication Network: Defeat Romulan Patrols guarding a communications network
Vendor's Vendor: replicate 50 components for Vendor colony
Another Brick (in Hadrian's Wall): Repair 50 defense turrets
Isn't This A Defense Grid?: Defeat 20 player-captains inside the Hadrian System
Pilatus Instructor: Hack ten Romulan communication frequencies in the Pilatus System
X-Ray Vision: Found fifty illegal shipments near Starbase Sierra

Alpha Trianguli (thanks to MustrumRidicully)
1) Doppelganger: Sn independent changling is impersonating persons on a planet, stealing money and commiting fraud. Ask the witnesses and suspects and find who the Changling is... And if it really was the Changling? (An example for a mission that could use some randomization, akin to the Diplomacy Content stuff. Different clues lead to different NPCs turning out to be a Changling, and in some cases, there is no Changling at all, in others he is actually innocent and someone else just hired him under false pretenses to blame him later, and in others it's not a Changling but an Undine!)
2) Revenge is a dish best served: The Trueway hasn't forgotten the Klingon war against them, and is eager for revenge. ... immediately (Federation Variant): Stop a Klingon retaliatory strike against non-Trueway Cardassian* vessels. ... cold (Klingon Variant): Stop a Trueway assault on Klingon civilian ships and supply vessels.
3) Empok Nor Reinstatement- Cardassia has sold the rights to use the abandoned Empok Nor station to a Ferengi trader. Ensure that he keeps to his contract and doesn't use the station for illegal operations. Scan freighters, or get aboard and talk with the crew and travelers passing through, take down a few Naucassians that are unhappy with the services rendered to them, arrest a known criminal.
4) Breen Slavers - The breen are still operating prison camps in various asteroid installation here. The Cardassian Military is ignoring this mostly. Search asteroid belts for Breen slave mines and free any slaves the hold. Also find information on who in the Cardassian government oramong the Trueway is secretly helping the Breen for a bribe.
Food Specialist (both sides): Save 50 civilian vessels from destruction.
Master Chef (KDF): Destroy the Trueway lead assault ship (Dominion Flagship?) before it retreats 50 times.
Master Chef (Starfleet): Save the Cardassian (a Galor?) lead defense ship 50 times.
Beta Ursae (large portion are by MustrumRidicully)
1) Liberate Labor Camps: Free civilians and military personnel held at Labor Programs.
2) Negotiate with Maquis Raiders: Negotiate (or prevent) Maquis from striking at supply convoys in the Badlands
3) Wormhole Traffic Control: Rumors of criminals using the wormhole for illegal operations are abound, risking the fragile Dominion-Federation relationship. Help Deep Space Nine screen incoming and out-going transports.
4) Badlands Patrol: The Trueway is still using the Badlands as basis of operation and a way to connect to smugglers and weapon dealers. Patrol the Badlands and stop a meet-up between Smugglers and Cardassians.
5) Bajoran Listening Post Repair: An unmanned listening post along the Bajoran/Cardassian border has gone silent. Beam aboard and find the cause of the repairs. (Fun option: This could be random. Sometimes it might be an infestation of Voles, another day it might be a damaged energy coupling.)
Viva La Cardassian Unión!: Free Fifty prisoners from slave labor Camps
Nu mă, Nu mă Maquis: Stun Maquis strike forces operating in the Badlands ten times

Eta Eridani (read BigRedJedi's full post)
1) Hold the Line: (New Fleet Action) K7/Ganalda Station is under attack by enemy forces. Rally to the defense of the station and help prevent the foe from scoring a decisive victory. (Alternatively, could go Open PvP, or be done inversely, where the player is a part of the attack on the enemy station.)
2) Target Rich Environment: The battle lines are constantly changing in this sector, as both sides push and strive to locate and exploit any potential weaknesses in the enemy's lines. Installations of many kinds help to fuel the war effort of both sides, thus, they become priority targets for the opposition. Launch an attack on such an installation (communications relay, shipyard, supply depot, etc.) and lay waste to a vital enemy holding. (Space missions would be things like the comm relays, shipyards, etc. Ground missions could be included as part of that, or separate, infiltrating enemy bases to plant explosives, stealing data from comm centers, etc.)
3) The Color of Money (is Gold): Even in times of war, the rare opportunities to relax are pounced upon by the men and women that serve on both sides. Travel to Drozana Station for a little well-deserved R&R. (Play at least X number of games of Dabo OR win X amount of GPL by playing Dabo, bonus for actually scoring a Dabo during the mission. Possible 'side' mission: Cheat/catch someone cheating at the game, which could lead to a brief confrontation on the station.)
1) Can't We All Just Get Along?: Successfully complete the Hold the Line Fleet Action 20 times.
2) Somebody, Set Us Up The Bomb!: Successfully destroy 20 enemy installations.
3) I Named My Cargo Bay: Fort Knox: Successfully accumulate X amount of GPL/complete X number of Dabo games.

Flavor: Likely some of the heaviest fighting between the Federation and Klingon Empire would be in this Sector Block, where the war started. Having an active role in a major battle (like at K7/Ganalda), and contributing to the war effort, by destroying important targets, can add to the immersion of participation in the greater conflict. However, all work and no play makes for very dull players, thus, the opportunity to take a little R&R would be a welcome respite. (thanks to BigRedJedi)
Gamma Orionis (read BigRedJedi's full post)
1) Battle at the Battle Group: The Borg launch an assault on Battle Group Omega. Federation and KDF forces join together to defeat several waves of Borg attackers, who are attempting to damage/destroy the Transwarp Gate. (Open Team Instance, available to both factions, can be 'lost' if the Borg destroy/severely damage the TW Gate.)
2) Mostly Cloudy Skies: The Mutara Nebula has a long history of hiding strange phenomena, investigate anomalous readings detected inside the Nebula. (Random events inside: Deserted freighters, Borg patrols, space creatures, etc.)
3) Resistance is... Inevitable: A Federation/KDF (faction-specific) task force, led by an advanced/experimental starship, was conducting operations against the Borg, when they were ambushed. Now, the task force has been nearly completely assimilated, only the crew of the command vessel continue to resist. Fight your way through the now-assimilated ships of the task force, then board the command ship to either save or destroy the ship, to prevent its technology from falling into the hands of the Borg.
1) You... Shall Not... Pass!: Successfully defend Battle Group Omega and the Transwarp Gate 20 times.
2) I Can See Clearly Now...: Investigate 20 anomalies inside the Mutara Nebula.
3) No, You Can't Have Our Stuff!: Successfully rescue/destroy the command ship of the task force 20 times.

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