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Q: What is The Foundry ?

A: The Foundry is Cryptic Studio's tool set for allowing players to create their own content for Cryptic's games. This is also called a Mission Authoring Tool. Star Trek Online will be the first Cryptic game to use this tool set.

Q: Who can use The Foundry?

A: Anyone with an active Star Trek Online subscription will be able to use The Foundry for Star Trek Online (Beta) Mission Authoring Tool, after agreeing to the EULA for The Foundry.

Q: Can players create custom maps for their stories in The Foundry?

A: Yes they can. Players can customize pre-made planet surfaces, and star systems with their own encounters, objects, and story. They can also create their own star systems from scratch. More map features are planned for future updates.

Q: Can players add stories to existing open world content using The Foundry?

A: Yes they can. The Cryptic Studios Team is enabling certain contacts, objects, and areas that can be used to create community authored episodes. The tool allows players to make entire stories that take place in existing open world areas, or to have the story span custom maps and pre-created areas. Community authored open world content is only visible while a player has the appropriate episode in progress.

Q: Is The Foundry a modding tool?

A: No. The goal of this tool set is to allow players to put their stories in the Star Trek universe using the same look, feel, and capabilities that Cryptic's own design team utilizes. So while there are a lot of features for creating content, players cannot import their own images, 3D models, or audio into the game.

Q: How do players get episodes created by The Foundry?

A: When a player hails their respective faction to accept new episodes, there will be a new tab on the left of the window called, “Community Authored”. Clicking here will allow players to search for Community Authored content.

Q: How can players leave feedback regarding episodes created using The Foundry?

A: A Review system is in place for users to rate Community Authored Episodes. This system utilizes a 5 star scale, and the ability to add constructive feedback as well, once an episode has been completed.

Q: How will players be ensured quality content?

A: Members of the community can sign up as reviewers. All published community authored episodes need to be reviewed by the reviewers and given the okay before the rest of the community sees the content. If any questionable content makes it through the review process, players may report it for review.

Q: Will there be rewards for playing episodes created using The Foundry?

A: Yes. Playtesting has been performed to ensure balanced reward levels for community authored content. Players will not be able to create custom rewards with the launch of The Foundry.

Q: Can authors share content in The Foundry?

A: Players will be able to share certain assets such as costumes and maps between projects to begin with. In the future we hope to allow players to be able to work together on the creation of episodes, however, at this time it is not possible.

Q: Can I use The Foundry to create a custom ship interior or a starbase for my Fleet?

A: The first release of The Foundry will focus on mission content. Expanded functionality is being considered for future releases.

Q: I found a bug in an episode created in The Foundry! What do I do?

A: If a Foundry Episode cannot be completed you may opt to drop or leave the episode at any time.

Please feel free to leave questions regarding The Foundry for Star Trek Online (Beta) in this thread. We will continually update this FAQ to provide answers to all of your most frequently asked questions!



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