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Hi all,

So i've been playing Global Agenda in between STO and CO and I have to admit, I sort of like how they handled crafting in that game. Since according to the last Engineering Report, the devs haven't given up on Memory Alpha yet, I was thinking that it would help if we incorporated some of the GA crafting into Memory Alpha in addition to what we have now with some changes of course since the GA item system isn't the same as STO's.


Modification to Current Items:
- In addition to the current mods that we have for items, all items are given 1 dedicated slot for Memory Alpha Mods. So if a captain buys a purple Mk XI item, they can add an extra one [DAM] to it.
- Mods will need to have diminishing returns past 2 of the same mod. For example, having a 3rd Critical Severity mod should not give you as much as the first or second Critical Severity mod.

Memory Alpha Mod:
In addition to the current common mods that we see already such as [ACC], these are additional modifiers to equipment that can be obtained only through memory alpha or through drops. For example:
[DAM] - Increased Weapon Damage (already exists)
[RES] - Increased Shield damage resistance
[CD] - Reduce the cooldown of a ship weapon or personnel secondary attack by a minor fixed amount

Also, at max level, you can create some special mods that shouldn't be necessarily better than the non-maxed ones, but opens up more playing styles such as:
[FbP] - Personnel Armor / Ship Shield mod, grants a constant minor Feedback Pulse buff to the owner
[ArB] - Personnel Weapon / Ship Weapon mod, grants a chance to breach the enemy's defenses, giving them a minor damage resistance debuff

These mods are soft-locked to the item once attached. You can override them in favor of a different mod, but you destroy the old mod in the process.

5 levels of crafting with respect to how many memory alpha experience points the captain has:
1. 0-100
2. 101-200
3. 201-300
4. 301-399
5. 400

The modifiers can be crafted based on their rarity and their power increased correspondingly. For example, you can create a white [DAM] that increases damage by 5% while a purple [DAM] increases damage by 15%. Of course, the numbers have to be changed around a bit but that's the essence of it.

At level 1:
- A captain can craft any uncommon (green) weapon (of any weapon type)/armor/ship component of their choosing
- A captain can craft any white mod of their choosing

At level 2:
- A captain can craft any rare (blue) weapon (of any weapon type)/armor/ship component of their choosing
- A captain can craft any green mod of their choosing

At level 3:
- A captain can craft any rare (purple) weapon (of any weapon type)/armor/ship component of their choosing
- A captain can craft any blue mod of their choosing

At level 4:
- A captain can craft any purple mod of their choosing

At level 5:
- A captain gains access to even more special Memory Alpha mods, such as [BORG] or somesuch.

Creating Items:
To create an item, you need an item of the same level and for each normal mod it would normally have (based it its rarity value), you need another similar item of the same rarity value. For example:

To create a green Mk X Split Beam Phaser Rifle, I would need:
1x Uncommon Mk X Split Beam Phaser Rifle + 1x Mk X Uncommon Personnel Weapon

To create a purple Mk X Split Beam Phaser Rifle, I would need:
1x Mk X Purple Split Beam Phaser Rifle + 3x Mk X Purple Personnel Weapons

The mods for the item will be based on the items that are used to craft it. For example, If i wanted a [Acc][Acc][Acc] Purple Split Beam Phaser Rifle, I would need to use 3x Purple Personnel Weapons that have [Acc] as a modifier.

Creating Mods:
To create a Memory Alpha mod, you need to have 3 (10 for the max-level mods) items that match the rarity value and the item type of the mod you want. For example:

To create a white [DAM] mod for ship weapons, I would need 3x white Ship Weapons of Mk II or above

To create a purple [DAM] mod for ship weapons, I would need 3x purple Ship Weapons of Mk X or above

Advantages Over the Current System:
- You can create more powerful and diverse items. Want an item that has 3x[Acc] 1x[DAM]? Go ahead.
- You can create some weird combos. Want a weapon that has 4x [BORG] or 4x [DAM]? It might take a while but go ahead!
- It doesn't make the current emblem stores obsolete. You can buy a pre-made purple weapon from the vendor and slot it with a mod from Memory Alpha.
- It's easy to create a white Mem Alpha mod, not so for purple mods. Thus, there's a low level of entry but it gets significantly harder to create better mods.
- It gives current max-level players something to work on. Most items created at Memory Alpha are useless compared to the Marks/Emblems store ones.

Disadvantages Compared to the Current System:
- Cost. Creating an item will use up a lot of resources for the player. It is easier to just create a generic blue item with the current memory alpha.
- When leveling up, even is a low level player does level up their memory alpha skill and can start crafting purple items, there aren't a lot of purple items below Mk X and thus it would be more convenient for them to just craft the blue items that are appropriate for their level. This will prevent the lower levels from being flooded with players running around with purple gear.
- Leveling up your Memory Alpha experience will still be cheaper and easier using the current system than this one.

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