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# 1 Spacedock remake
10-25-2010, 06:46 PM
I think the devs lost site of what space-dock really is.

Right now as it stands, Spacedock is a HUGE jogging track.

Think "airport." It should have all the anementies of one. When you first beam down to spacedock you should appear at a receiving point. Not just random anywhere, where you are greeted by name and rank. Crew members can beam with you as well on a random basis.

As in all good airports you have signs, click the sign and the map appears. BTW, LABEL THE DAMN MAP.

Another thing you have at airports are moving sidewalks. This would be exclusively for players. NPCs prefer to walk. Just hop on the moving sidewalk and enjoy the ride to your destination.

Lots of seating in Spacedock, but we cant sit. Sometime you just want to take a load off and watch the world go by.

...and apparently everyone has complete control of their bladder and bowels since there is no longer any need for restrooms either. It must be that new mini-transporter device you shove up your butt. It magically transports your poop away.

(a few restrooms, even if you cant use them would look good for scenery. label them male/female/other)

just a few thoughts

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