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10-25-2010, 09:41 PM
My previous crafting idea was in this thread: A Crafting Manifesto

The main idea is to add multiple professions so that not every player is able to craft every item. Crafting is meant to foster interaction with between players, and thus spark an economy.

The idea merges the casual crafting that wow has with a random element I called Experimental crafting to allow endgame use.

Concerning Ship crafting:

Ship crafting is interesting. For ship crafting to be successful, rarity levels need to be brought to ships. IE from a vendor your can only get a common rarity ship which has the basic stats, but crafted ships like other in game items could be uncommon (green) or rare (blue) or very rare (purple). Stats bonuses would have to be incorporated into ships.

How big of a stats improvement that this incorporates will depend on balance and how vital the devs want to make ships. Extra Console slot or a BO promoted slot will make ships very desirable, and maybe even mandatory for endgame players. Other stats upgrades such as bonus power or pure attack or defensive bonuses could depending on the size of the bonus make ships an important upgrade. Only upgrading Armor/Crew stats will though make them not be as interesting as they could be. Another idea is that ships add a skill stat bonus to the captain to certain skills thus directing certain ships to abilities. Like a Nebula has support science skill bonuses while a Recon Science Vessel would have more offensive power bonuses. Special abilities would also be cool.

A tier system could also be set up. IE this idea was released in Season 4 then the best ships in season 4 would be green quality crafted Tier 5 ships. Season 5 it would be blue quality, season 6 would be purple quality. Season 7 would upgrade to Tier 6 common and the process would begin again.

C-Store ships would also upgrade, but buying the ship would be more like buying a license to the ship. You would still get the Common ship for free, but players would have to crafted the green quality ship just like other players. Players would have not bought the C-Store ships could not use the crafted version of those ships.

How ship crafting should work:

First I believe that ships crafting should take time. I also think that the player should have daily missions that completes his ship project faster. Other players would also be able to help out a player in completing his ship project faster.

A player would get his parts together. Multiple professions would have to contribute items to make a starship. Some profession contributing more then other depending on the primary focus of the profession and the type of ship made. Meaning a weapons designer would contribute more parts for a escort then a science vessel were an Astro Systems designer would contribute more parts. Some parts would also have to be bought with emblem style currency or looted from STF bosses or received from special missions.

The player would take these parts to the faction shipyard. There they would interact with the Master shipyard engineer and he would take the parts and start the clock on building the players ship. A ship would take a couple of days to build. Normal ship building time would take maybe 10 or 15 days. A player though is ABLE to decrease the ship building process by doing a daily mission. Each time the daily mission is done it cuts 12 hours from the build time. Each player also has the ability to work on 2 other players projects each day. Thus if a player and 2 friends work other their ships together each day, a 10 day ship will be done in 4 days, a 15 day ship in 6. While a player working on a 10 day ship solo would require 7 days.

More player interaction.

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