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09-28-2010, 03:32 PM
I think Cryptic should make a free-to-play/minimal monthly fee faction made for pvp only. That way we don't have to wait as long for PvP matches.
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# 42 I d rather wait
10-24-2010, 11:24 AM
In my view the KDF example is a sure way to annoy many die hard fans. If the faction isn't out in time, i ll just put my subscription on hold and wait for it. Kind of what I was doing since I first heard about STO way back.

While i would love to have a romulan BO in as an option for becoming Ambassador, or a d'deridex holo-emitter or ... to keep me going. A half-baked disfunctional faction for Fed VA who want to play their alt for an hour per week won't make me happy.

Once the romulans are out i no longer intend to play FED (let alone KDF) toons. The faction (incl. pve content) need to be developed enough to allow for this kind of immersion. The current pvp cannot deliver this.

All I'm asking for is a some life signs along the way, to know that the Dev's are working on a new faction. And maybe see some great UGC that fleshes out the faction. Until then, i'd rather wait instead of being frustrated because my faction of choice is in a pitiful state.

I think Cryptic should make a free-to-play/minimal monthly fee faction made for pvp only. That way we don't have to wait as long for PvP matches.
That sounds like a very good idea to me.
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10-26-2010, 07:45 PM
although havam disagree's with my opinion to release half-arsed rommie/cardie factions, he does prove a point i have made in this and other threads.

there ARE romulan fans out there.

and just like the over 50% of klingon players out there, they intend to be Romulan only players.

i cannot stress how many klingon players do not have a fed main.
it is a little unfair that cryptic charges these players full price for 1/4 the experience.

it also proves that completing the klingon faction and introducing a comprehensive romulan faction will bring in new subscriptions and encourage MANY existing players to continue playing (and paying)
it's called "replay value" and if you don't know what that is... you are not a gamer!

adding serials is sweet... but it is not game growth.

the only way to turn STO into a self sustaining juggernaught is to finish the other 3 factions and bring the entire alpha and beta quadrants to bear! (grrrr... arg!!!)

flying a fed saucer section around random asteroids and blasting weak PvE bots does NOT a star trek game make.

however, an enriched envirnemnt, with all the major Star trek powers represented (and at eachothers throats) would do Roddenberry and his many successful creations serious justice!

like many, i am eagerly anticipating the foundry and think it will change the face of MMO's forever.

BUT... i will never stop pestering the devs for complete klingon, romulan and cardassian factions.
(sorry... borg, undine, terran empire and the like should stay AI only imo)

even if these factions don't have as many actual PvE missions as the feds, it does not matter.

i define a complete faction as having all the same characteristics and game play oportunities as the main faction, even if they lack the main faction's robustness.
this includes:
- sector space access.
-a rewarding PvP experience.
-equal access to reards and c-store items.
-intertwining plot lines.
-joint PvE experiences.
-equal acess to ranking/rewards such as diplomacy missions and memory alpha.
-equal fleet actions
-comperable ship choices

and most importantly.... ELIMINATION OF THE GRIND
leveling a klingon or romulan/cardassian should not be a chore.

i think it can be done... and i encourage cryptic to do so.
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10-26-2010, 07:47 PM

f2p is the last nail in the coffin for any mmo.... trust me.

without monthly subscribers Dev and GM support will evaporite at a prolific rate.


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