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I've been wondering about this ever since the second series started.

So far, they've been in areas that both Starfleet and the KDF have access to.
Which is a necessity, because they both have to be capable of doing the missions.

But there aren't many shared Fed/KDF areas in the game.
There's only Gamma Orionsis and Pelia Sector (the gateway to Fluidic Space).

What do they do when those areas are used up?

Are they going to make new systems for shared Fed/KDF access?

I don't think it would be possible (at least without angering anyone who has a KDF Captain) to have the weekly missions for Fed only.
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10-27-2010, 06:17 AM
Cryptic can make it possible for Klinks and Feds to transwarp anywhere in the game with the flick of a button. If they want Klinks in Alpha Centauri they can open the TW conduit between Alpha Centauri and Omega Leonis and let them come through for the event. So getting somewhere isn't a problem.

With Cryptic opening up Pi Canis to the Klinks I'd imagine we'll see a Weekly there eventually too. Maybe something involving the Gatway. It would also be nice to have a mission where Feds have to go into Klink space to do a Weekly too.

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