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10-15-2010, 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by Alkeda View Post
As long as there are Klingons trying to turn our Glorious Empire into a Federation clone with requests like diplomacy, teaming with fed players and newer ships our Empire is at risk. If you want all these things then perhaps you should join the Federation. If you here because you wanted to play a klingon character then goto the C-store. This is a Warrior Empire ! We drink Bloodwine not Koolaid.
I say give me an old Bird-of-Prey leaking plasma and a crew of true warriors. I will bring Glory to the Empire and death to our enemies .
You are aware that most of what we do have is - cut and pasted from the Federation. The new ships are badly needed and are different from the Federation, grouping with the Feds is also needed because Cryptic isn't the smartest developer on the block and screwed up bigtime.
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10-25-2010, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
We are never going to have a fully open PvP system. The reality is that no matter what systems Cryptic puts in that related to PvP they are always going to cater to the casual and mostly PvE player. So we have two choices be a PvP step-child faction who will never see meaningful PvP, or admit that we need some balance between PvP and PvE, so they can justify spending resources on us.

For instance Dstahl has mentioned wanting to do some sort of territory control system - this system is never going to be purely PvP simply because any investment they make in said system has to give them enough return on that investment, and their player base is largely PvEers.
Well said, I for one am not a fan of open PvP, its the main reason I didnt bother to play eve longer than 30 days.

The only way open PvP works is the way EQ 1 did it, with pvp specific servers without the usual rules of conduct and increased exp rewards for playing on them. It gives people who like the concept a place to play and incentives to do so, namely quick leveling and bragging rights to being a top dog on a rutheless server where everyone is a target.

That being said I would enjoy the klingon PvP experienc more if there WAS one, and not the one that has you waiting 30 minutes for a 5 minute run.

Its clear to me just by the lower teir pvp queues that the concept of a purely pvp centered faction is not working. The KDF Needs more pve content, and I dot mean one mission chain, I mean enough to get most players within spitting distance of level 51 if they prefer not to PvP and increased pvp exp rewards for those who hate PvE on both sides, if a PvPer on the Fed side could level at the same pace as a PvE player could I bet dollars to donuts you would see packed queues. PvE Klingon content would also bolster the ranks of the KDF so there would be more people to play with on this side.

I would bet money that the Romulan faction will have a fully implemented story line when it launches and PvE content, Its pretty obvious the klingons got letf of the cutting room floor to meet the deadline despite the protests to the opposite that they were ALWAYS designed to be PvP only
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10-25-2010, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
The KDF being designed as a 90% pvp-centric faction is slowly killing the enjoyment of the faction for new players as they progress to the maximum rank of LG and find that there is nothing left to do but pvp.
Without meaningful and storyline driven pve content the KDF faction quickly becomes boring to those who are not fans of the KDF to begin with or who are not avid fans of pvp combat in general.
Those players whodo not like, find little pleasure or lack the skills to compete with more experienced pvp'ers
will have little reason to stick with and enjoy any pvp-centric toons they may possess. This hurts the faction as a whole and does not increase the draw of said pvp-faction.

Secondly, the lack of pve leads to the new and older fans of the KDF to specialize in iether one or the other of the pvp based choices that this faction has, space or ground. This leads to specific expendeture of skill points to maximize thier effectiveness in one of the two pvp arena formats and leads to a self-crippling efffectivenss in what little pve content that does exist.
Specifically, if a KDF player wishes to compete at the level LG in space pvp then said KDF player will most likely never spend any points in the ground based skills and vice-versa a ground pvp player will have less points to spend in space based skills overall, thus making the less the prime effective in the later.

Pvp-centric or monster play, and yes its really a polished version of monster play, is a self defeating design for any faction within the STO game.

I agree with this completely. And to add to it, leveling at the lower levels by having to gring Exploration missions is a drag since there doesn't seem to be much call for low level PvP for Klingons.
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10-26-2010, 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by Warguppy View Post
I agree with this completely. And to add to it, leveling at the lower levels by having to gring Exploration missions is a drag since there doesn't seem to be much call for low level PvP for Klingons.
Well, the upside of this is that if you have an upper-level KDF player and decide to make an alt...and you leveled some of the 1st player in PVP, then you have an advantage fighting people when you roll your new toon.
Other than that, there is nothing really fun in leveling a klink. It is either grinding explores...or pvp...explores go faster and provide xp faster than pvp, but is boring, and well pvp...speaks for itself...Yeah...it sucks to lvl that way.
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10-27-2010, 08:30 AM
"the Kar'fi carrier sucks balls"

LOL had to laughat that coment

sadly kdf content is either rehashed (carrier mentioned, we the klingons use what works, so we recycled and alien carrier, from an acient enemy, was the dev's excuse for that, so why don't klingons use fed romulan or basically any other factions space ships they work, and are in plentifull supply) or poorly implemented the so called choice of hull materials where only a pod on a hull 'neck' changes, making it look worse than just the single choice we had, the new vorcha looks awfull, the K'tinga' retexture is broken the engine glowies are badly off set, (allmost in the next quadrant).

all these great content for klingon faction claims (three klingon only faction story generated pve missions) Feds can get to admiral on story based missions and patrols

Retention rate for all factions must be terrible, kdf must be terrible, new weekly missions are ok, but gone in 30 minutes, if your lucky,

high end content needs to be there, and soon, I'm slowly grinding characters but once my current lot are admirals unless there is a big change, I can't see me subscribing past the new year.

sorry I rambled off track, just thinking how horrible it woud be to add romulans before the klingons have a semi intresting way to advance

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