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10-27-2010, 03:02 PM
Some good ideas there. One of the things I think should be more important in teh game actually. Eveeryone should be able to do everything. Star Fleet diplo XP is a good example where I feel it should have been a choice made by some players to persue that path. Obviously apart from crafting thhre are no alternatives at the moment, but you get the idea.

I don;t mean otehr players should have that path closed to them, simply that it shoudl be more limited, or slower. Choose the career of a Starfleet first contact dude, fine. Everone else gets 20% diplo XP from the same stuff. Same with crafting. Choose the role of a fabricator you stay as is - everyone else, 20% prgression. This would lead to FAR more interaction between players becuase they are less autonomous. Autonomy is the death-nell of a community.

Why did I bring it up, well because that was exactly what I was trying to suggest here. If the mini-games have alternative outcomes depending on the character you chose then if you want the oterhs you have to barter, buy on the exchange, or get a freind to make it. Fleet banks, coversely, could stock up on these things farming out those responsibilities to members and create more reasons to be part of a commmunity.

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