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Now I was thinking... (A very dangerous thing, thinking...). In the process of leveling up, it eventually comes to the point where a high level character has enough Merits and BO Skill points to consider replacing lower quality BOs (e.g. Common, Uncommon) with higher quality officers (e.g. Rare, Very Rare) for their ground combat Trait abilities. The problem with discarding Officers is any desirable skills and/or training that they have received will be discarded with them, and could be impractical/very expensive to replace with the current 'out of control' Exchange prices...

There is also the related issue of 'Bound' BOs (Borg BO, Breen BO, Holographic BO) that currently cannot be transferred to receive training by another Character in a rare and desirable high level skill. The thought that came to me to allow Commissioned BO for 'Train Up' Services can be used to address both problems...

In the real world, there is often the situation where a experienced worker is required to train his replacement before leaving. By allowing Commissioned BOs for 'Train Up' services would make higher quality crew replacement more affordable with down-sized BOs passing on their most valuable skill to their replacement Officier. And Commissioned BOs could be trained by another character, then transferred over to provide on-sight 'Train Up' services for 'Bound' BOs...

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