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Subspace Radio
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Is looking for active fleets! Why are we looking for active fleets you may ask? To take over the galaxy! Okay, probably not.
However, we are looking for fleets to advertise ON AIR and there are multiple ways you can get your fleet involved in this!

*E-Mail an MP3 with your Fleets recruiting message, slogan, name, website etc (30 seconds max please). This MP3, once cleared**, will be played by the DJ's during their show and played by Tribble! Our stations random and insane dj that covers more slots than anyone!

*Send me the same information above in an e-mail, and we'll record an mp3 for you!

*Or, want to talk about your fleet live on air? We can do that too! Just let me know what fleet, and what times are best for you (please specify time zone hehe) and we'll see what we can work out!

This is open to fleets of all sizes, so don't think just because you've only got 5 members you can't talk about it!

So send me an e-mail today and get your fleet out there by advertising it on Subspace Radio - The Voice of Star Trek Online!

** = All mp3's submitted must be cleared to make sure there is no foul language, racial remarks etc. In most cases, all will be approved unless the person speaking on the recording is not clear.

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