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The Serenity Fleet is currently recruiting. We are seeking active, mature players whom seek a organized friendly fleet. Here at Serenity, we are a comunity based fleet. Join Serenity and you will become part of our multi gaming network, with teamspeak and fully developed website. Serenity is a fully devolped fleet with events, prizes, and an organized support system. Our fleet membership is dedicated to assisting new members advance thier careers and feel a part of our comunity. Wither your a breeder, pvp'er, STF runner, crafter, etc ... You will feel welcome and meet friendly people whom enjoy what you do...
Come Join Serenity Today

For Questions and Invites Contact:

T'Lari@ltparist - Fleet Admiral
Arrr'ow@StarTrekRon - Fleet Admiral
Sargos@SpeeDERS - Fleet Recruiter

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