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  • Deep space encounters with the Hirogen in the Psi Velorum sector block were leading to encounters with the Terran Empire instead. This should now be fixed. (The Terran Empire is no longer sending disguised ambushes into Romulan space.)
  • Groups of Undine no longer tend to stand in a straight line.
  • The Synchronic Proton Distortion Rifle now has a more appropriate icon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mouselook to get stuck on forever when leaving/entering the gameplay state with both mouse buttons held.
  • The sprint animation has been updated.

  • Blinking navigation lights have been added to Sovereign class ships.
  • Blinking navigation lights have been added to the Nebula.
  • The floating node issues have been fixed on the vorcha C-store variant.
  • Typos have been fixed in customization for the Vorícha.
  • The size of the Voríchaís shields has been fixed.

  • By Any Means: The mission tracker now properly directs you to Station Alpha instead of Beta.
  • The USS Nobel is now the correct Olympic-class ship in the Cirini Prime system.
  • Devidian Weekly Episode 2: Spin the Wheel
    • Belan is no longer quite as ornery before asking the player to fix replicators.
  • The surface of Hotep IV is now a little more refined. Of note, there is no longer a pit to get stuck in.
  • Textures on certain buildings on the surface of Defera now show textures at all distances.

  • The icon for Photonic Officer is now properly red if youíre part of the Klingon Empire.
  • The icons for the various Marks have been adjusted. They now contrast more with their backgrounds.
  • The chat window no longer minimizes when resizing it using the upper right corner.
  • Master Loot UI works properly once again.

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