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# 1 Universal Bridge Officers
10-28-2010, 05:27 PM

What if all Officer Positions were to be Universal on All ships?

I think the current system is still a bit inflexible when it comes to mixing and matching different Careers with Different ships (example tactical officer using a cruiser, or engineer using science ships) etc.

The Ships themselves already have constraints, in terms of capabilities bonuses and consoles appropriate to their primary role. why do we absolutely have to have an Engineer Commander and not being able to choose a Science or tactical Commander for our ships as an added constraint?

According to cannon, it falls upon the captain to choose whom they prefer to have part of their bridge senior staff. I think it could be beneficial from both a Consistency with Cannon perspective but more importantly, a gameplay perspective giving more purpose to seeking, training and exchanging officers right now, but also to permit us more flexibility with the game itself.

It could also add more purpose to reassigning officers for different mission profiles, I have had the same officers since launch I really do not see the need to change them around much with the current system, on top of it as a tactical officer Commanding Cruisers, I can't even teach Lt.Commander and Commander skills to any of my officers since I have none that could use what I can teach anyways.

I had made a similar Thread near launch and there was talk about First officers, but that never seems to have materialized since then.

I think it would permit for more in-game customization as well to all of us trying different configurations of officers/abilities with different ships. And most importantly emphasize our role as captains too, able to choose our own Bridge officers instead of having these imposed by a standard template associated to the ship itself making it feel less organic, like if Bridge officers were themselves some type of Ship equipment rather than live beings.

What does everyone think about this?

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