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I saw Chaddington's post:

Originally Posted by Chaddington
I am really happy that yall seem to love the mission. It was a lot of fun to work with the whole team to put it together and try and add in the spooky parts. I hope everyone has a good Halloween weekend and thanks again for the feedback!... It really helps us figure out what is liked and disliked for the future episodes.


PS.... I am curious to see if anyone has done a 1 person elite run through and a 5 person elite run through. If so how was it? I expected around 5-10 wipes at the boss encounter. The final encounter should be scaling with your team size as well... At least I think it should. Anyway.. just was curious =)

And attempted to do the mission on Elite with my Klingon Tactical, whom is Top Geared. It was a disaster. Every encounter was wipe outs since my Medic was unable to keep up with the heals. It got to the point I had to abort the mission because I receieved too many injuries.

The Davidians Life Sucking Ability was too much for my Medic. So in order to do this mission on Elite, you literally need 3 doctors, whom are constantly healing you and the others in the group.

I really think that the Davidian's ability at higher difficulties need to be adjusted.
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10-30-2010, 10:58 PM
I died a few times on Elite, Fed btw, never really had much of a struggle with it other than that. But yes, that life drain or whatever it's called does irritate me at times. It's almost as annoying as the "One Shot" bolt spread from the generic ground enemies. But that's the price to pay playing on Elite for better drops. Whether or not it's supposed to hit that hard, IDK. But it was fun.

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