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Instead of nit-picking Cryptic like I usually do, I will just say this; well done. *stands & claps*

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this mission, and I haven't seen a mission in a while that I really enjoyed this much. Even though the mission objectives were leading me forward, I wanted to check out every area of the map. The detail was astounding and the little effects made a nice touch.

Water dripping, electrical sparks, the sounds in the background all added to make it feel ... complete.

The triggered voice over towards the middle of the mission actually made me 'jump" a bit. It was something I was totally NOT expecting and then to hear that ... voice. One of you guys is really mental .... LOL.

I fully expected to go into the mission and figure everything out like other missions within the first few minutes. This was different however. I would enter into certain room, expecting the Devidians to jump out and attack .... but nothing. Then I was left guessing .... maybe this corner - or the next one?

I must say that the first two missions in the series were, okay at best. This definitely was tops.


A few things I want to note - and WANT to see a lot more of:

1. The little pop-ups. When you first encounter the Devidians, your BO pops up in this little rectangle with a thumbnail image and says to use your proton weapon. This pop-up occurs through-out the mission and is awesome. It gives information, but doesn't break immersion. The small size makes it seem 'distant' ... if that makes sense. I would really like to see this feature implemented a lot more.

2. The voice over. It wasn't over done and was just enough. The first time I triggered this, I was basically put into a WTF? moment. Loved it.

3. Size of corridors. I'm pretty sure that it's the same standard size as always ... but it just felt cramped. It felt like it was supposed to. I didn't feel lost in the hallway. The animations and effects helped to build the atmosphere.

There's was only one issue I had, and that was getting myself stuck in one of the doors. I think it was my fault tho, can't be sure. I just beamed out and re-entered to fix it and was drawn right back into the story again. Other than that, I really had no issues with this mission and really enjoyed it.

Who's the voice?

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