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I've been playing on Elite difficulty for a while now.
The fights last a lot longer.
You need to use everything you've got.

In general it's a lot more fun.

Untill yesterday.

It all started with the new series (see other posts for that).

Then I decided to do my daily grinding in B'Tran.
Right away I started getting my tail handed to me. Both ground and space combat.

One hit killed. In one ground mission an enemy (Breh Commander, or something) wiped out my entire away team in one hit multiple times before I was able to take him down.
After a lot of frustration I reduced my Difficulty level to Advanced.

No change, Both in space and on ground I continued to be insta-killed.
In one case an enemy cruiser insta-killed me 3 times in a row, the last time from full shields/hull right at the start of the fight, so I started reading through the combat numbers.

Ok ..... looks normal.....
Enemy hits you for 15,000 damage
Enemy hits you for 38,000 damage

What the hell?

Are NPC's suddenly getting massive criticals now?
That's what I'm getting now, NPC's pulling massive critical hit chains on me.
I died more in one day yesterday then I ever have including all my alts, and dropping down to 'advanced' had no effect.

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