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11-01-2010, 12:43 AM
Yeah I usually play Advanced, wiped like a dozen times, had 3 critical injuries before I bailed. I found it a bit of a challenge on Normal even (5 minutes to kill the bosses).. all for a Pattern Enhancer? What does that do anyway

Then I did some dailies on normal and thought, boy that is much easier than Advanced, and the loot sucks as always, so I have to agree, the loot system needs improvement. I'm also pretty disappointed there's been no new types of weapons for space since hitting VA. I'd like to see some more variations within each type of weapon.. trade-offs (more punch, shoots slower, same type of energy though), or combo weapons maybe, whatever, something different.

Last thing to say in this rant.. I do love that haunted space station, it has it all. Mail, Auction, the Bank, and 3 bars!

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