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10-31-2010, 10:29 AM
To get Skill Points for my KDF characters, I have to grind a lot of skill points. Maybe I should be able to buy skill points in C-Store?

You're on a dangerous path there, Tilarta. Are you sure you want to follow it to the end? At what point does it become economically feasible for Cryptic to give you less and less skill points? At what point does it beome cryptic's best idea to increase all Emblem Store prices?

Maybe for the next level cap increse, they will tell you "Hey, you can keep the Emblems and use them for the new Mark XIV gear! Purple Mark XIV console costs you only 100 Emblems. The new Tier 6 Refits only 5,000 (warning - no free ship token on becoming Fleet Admiral!)! A Fleet Admiral Daily gives you 5! Oh, and now in C-Store: 100 Emblems for 1 $! Or buy 500 for 4.49!"
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10-31-2010, 05:30 PM
Oh, I'm happy to level up the normal way.
This isn't about the skill points or levelling.
It would be truly sad if someone could buy levelling on the C-Store, then we'd have all these inexperienced players running around thinking they're good players because they're at our level and don't have our practical experience.

What I'm actually referring to is the mindnumbing boredom of buzzing back and forth across the galaxy daily between Deferi space and your home Explore (B'tran or Azlesza, depending on faction) just to do missions I've seen every single iteration of 10 times before.
Basically, I'm at max level and am gaining nothing from doing these, because I have hit the skillpoint cap and all it does is convert them to BOFF skillpoints (which are useless to me, because my BOFFs are all trained up).

I've never been a grinder and I don't intend to start now.

It's actually gotten to the point that I actively loathe going to those places, just because they bore me.
Which is why I chose not to do them daily, because when the time comes if I have to do them again for some reason (probably for level 61 gear when the time comes), I won't be as annoyed.

Which is really the problem here.
Because I'm not doing the missions, I don't get the gear.

Also, I did the math.
It takes too long to acquire the Emblems necessary for Mark XI gear, compared to the relative speed of doing so for MarkX gear.
I felt like I was achieving nothing.

Which is the reason for this post, to give us options instead of mindless farming.
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10-31-2010, 06:00 PM
I get what your saying, but I don't see it happening either and here is why.

Like another poster mentioned it essentially amounts to buying gear through the c-store, albeit indirectly.
The problems become apparent when your looking at game balance and grind removal.

Grinding is an MMO staple, the more people grind the more they are playing which turns into money via subscriptions more or less.
The less people are grinding/working on something the less stable subscriptions start to become to some extent Imo.

As for balance, which balance may not be the right word for it, you are looking at issues with players being able to outspend other players and gaining an edge incredibly fast over fellow players who cannot afford to keep up with that kind of an arms race.

Take a look at raiding as one area.
Who is more likely to get to go on a raid, the guy/gal who has all his/or her gear or the one who does not and actually needs the run?
With no way to police such a situation, the victor of the raid slot is going to be the one with the gear more often than not.
Why is someone raiding who does not need the gear? who knows, maybe they just want an item from some place to sell or give to a bud.
The point is you wind up with a scenario of someone having to pay to see raid content above the fee they already pay just to play the game.

PVP becomes an issue with unfair gear advantages with people being able to fully equip themselves within minutes versus the person for whom it takes days to gear up because they cannot literally afford the alternative.
If the person is being outgunned and sees no end to the cycle of always being behind then that person is probably less likely to play in PVP and that is one less thing for that person to enjoy.

Combine a PVP balance issue with unfair competition for raid slots due to not being able to buy your self into a raid slot and there is not much reason to really play.

Have to also keep in mind, the gear of today is rarely the gear of tomarrow, so at some point that person will have to fork over more money once again to re-outfit their ship in order to remain competitve.

It is a pretty interesting idea and if this were say a sport for example instead of an MMO it would probably work, but I am just not seeing it here.
MMOs are too dependant on some things like grinds and fair competition for that to work.

I am in a complete agreement with the emblem gear being overpriced for what little bonus you actually get.
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10-31-2010, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
Basically, I'm at max level and am gaining nothing from doing these, because I have hit the skillpoint cap and all it does is convert them to BOFF skillpoints (which are useless to me, because my BOFFs are all trained up).
Your doing them for purple gear, not for skill point or anything else. If the purple gear is not incentive enough then don't do them. Settle for the MK X gear and leave it at that. I play a lot of MMOs and they all revolve around grinding of some sort at max-level: PvP grind, Raiding grind, etc. I also have no interest in grinding in any of the 7 games I subscribe to. That's why I have 10 alts on this account.
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10-31-2010, 08:34 PM
I doubt paying a sub=must play every day.

The way I look at it, Cryptic get your money whether you play or not.

Heck, you could just pay the sub, only come to do the weeklies and they still get paid.

So, I'm uncertain how doing the dailies actually is equivalent to paying Cryptic.

For me personally, the only money Cryptic get from me is via the C-Store.
I'm on a lifetime sub, which means no paying the monthly fee.
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11-01-2010, 11:42 AM
I'm on a lifetime sub, which means no paying the monthly fee.
But you've already paid them over 2 years worth of montly sub fees, so you still paid for it. You just paid it all upfront.

To be honest, I'm not a grinder either. In fact, I hate it. However, STO offers a much better "grinding" system than many other MMOs. All you have to do is log in, do a handful of missions, and you are guaranteed at least some progress toward your goal. Other MMOs force you to actually grind for your levels, and at endgame, you have to either grind for item drops that you may or may not get - or grind for the materials to make the items, which are usually rare drops themselves. Imagine if emblems were rare drops? You could grind endless missions for *days* and be lucky to walk away with 2 or 3 emblems. I believe that emblem prices are more expensive here is because, with a little persistence, you *will* get the items you want. There is no hoping and praying for rare drops that you may never get.

I really don't want to see emblems in the C-store. How much RL money you have should not be a deciding factor in how well equipped you are in the game. I feel, as a matter of honor and fair play, that your gear should come from playing the game and putting in the work necessary to achieve item rewards. There shouldn't be an "easy" way out of the work for people who have a larger disposable income.

Think of it in terms of school. Would it be fair for rich students to buy an A while poorer students actually have to study and do their homework?

It's not that I like grinding, but I do it because it would be unfair to other players who have to grind for their gear over time.
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11-01-2010, 12:18 PM
I do not see the point. I could fork out the money, sure...but what would there be left for me to do other than wait for the next episode? If they added it though, I would still play. I just wouldn't be one of those spending my cash. I rather like flying around, blowing stuff up, shooting things with my ghost busters gun...and it helps to have a reward at the end. Its a win/win. If I just bought it, what would I do? Sit around earth space dock and enjoy the conversation? lol..I could just read the comments on youtube for the same effect.
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11-01-2010, 07:26 PM
Besides as such a casual player, you don't need the mk11 gear at all, it will make no difference in what you can do in game.
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11-01-2010, 09:31 PM
Well, I'm uncertain on that fact.

I'm still trying to work out if it does or not.

Basically, every enemy I face will scale to my level, that of a VA/LG (and FA/DM in the future).

I haven't noticed an appreciable difference in space combat, but ground combat seems to be harder.
I always assumed this was because only 1 VA weapon is not damaging the ground enemies enough.

Even if I only login to play occassionally (mainly for the weeklies), I still play.

And what if, on the day I'm a Fleet Admiral or Dahar Master, I discover the MarkX weapons are wholly inadequate for the task at hand?
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11-02-2010, 02:08 AM
there are already mk11 and mk12 drops, and on the exchange. Emblems are not their only source.

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