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# 1 Future fleetbases designing
11-02-2010, 02:17 PM
i know that it will take some time until you open up the possibility to create fleetbases but knowing from my mapping-work for the Elite Force RPGX2-Mod it can come in very handy to start early with predesigning. I'd therefore like to ask some questions about what the curent fision for that system is.

  • Will we be able to freely decide the number of decks and corridor-Layouts as well as corridor design?
  • Will it be possible to have more than one outgoing Turbolift on a deck (more than on incoming won't be possible I guess)?

  • Will there be a varayaty of Basic Quater Layouts or will we be given only the existing one? Or do we even get to build the quaters ourselfs?
  • Will the furniture already be in the Quaters and fixed or can we place them freely?

Messhall and small Rooms (e.g. messhall, offices, Sickbay)
  • [Same Questions as in Quaters]
  • Will we able to place the planned ship-interior-Minigames in the bases?
  • Will there be a similar Display-System for fleetbases as in ship interiors (Messhall and Ready room)?

OPS and Engineering
This is more a request: In case we will not be able to create these rooms ourselfs there is a certan need that you provide us with locations that really feel like Station-OPS or Engineering as the Ship-Bridges and Engineering will not make the station feel like station at all.

  • will we be able to either choose a Skybos or place a planet or so somewhere in the void to costumise thi enviroment the station is located in a little?
  • Will it be possible to have location-slideins like in the shipinteriors?

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