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I pulled together a collection of dancing and other emotes and triggered phrases for a more "party" atmosphere when hitting Club 47 or the other night spots. With tongue planted firmly in cheek I present the

Disco Lounge Dancing Machine Emote Pack

/bind Numpad 1 "emote dance_club"
/bind Numpad 2 "emote dance_basic"
/bind Numpad 3 "emote dance_legkick"
/bind Numpad 4 "emote dance_robot"
/bind Numpad 5 "emote dance"
/bind Numpad 6 "emote dance_snake"
/bind Numpad 7 "emote dance_raisetheroof"
/bind Numpad 8"emote dance_wavehands"
/bind Numpad / "emote dance_sidestep"
/bind Numpad * "emote dance_therunningman"
/bind + "emote blow_kiss"
/bind - "emote wave"

/bind Ctrl + Numpad 1 SAY "Hello."
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 2 SAY "I like your outfit!"
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 3 SAY "What's your name?"
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 4 SAY "Wow."
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 5 SAY "Was you father an alien? Because there's nothing else like you on Earth!"
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 6 SAY "What does it feel like to be the most beautiful being in this room?"
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 7 SAY "They say it's was impolite to stare... so what do you say we dance?"
/bind Ctrl + Numpad 8 SAY "Can I flirt with you?"

/bind Alt + Numpad 1 "emote no"
/bind Alt + Numpad 2 "emote shrug"
/bind Alt + Numpad 3 "emote yes"
/bind Alt + Numpad 4 "emote ponder"
/bind Alt + Numpad 5 "emote wave"
/bind Alt + Numpad 6 "emote dabo'"
/bind Alt + Numpad 7 "emote laugh"
/bind Alt + Numpad 8 "emote yawn"

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