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# 1 Ship designing contest
11-02-2010, 08:12 PM
This is somthing id like to see but wont, atleast not for a while, but i would like cryptic to hold a contest where players can submit designs for new ships for the C-store. The winner would get his or her's design added to the game aswell as a the first player to give it it's maiden voyage around the alpha quadrant.
Now to make the contest fair they would have to make rules like there will be a different contest for each race, players can only submit 1 design for each race and there would also have to be size and power limits so you cant design a massive battle ship as big as a borg cube and with 7 BO slots (even though that would be totaly awesome). Now i know Cryptic have alot on their plate atm with the feature episodes and the foundary in beta so i dont expect to see anything like this till atleast season 4 but we can atleast think up a few ideas till then.

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