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11-04-2010, 12:37 AM
Well, my free month is up in 2 days.

I've reached the rank of midget Admiral and it has left me with some questions.

What exactly are the player goals of STO?

Coming from EVE online, the goal was always making more ISK and learning more skills. More ISK meant buying power. More skills meant being able to fly better shinies.

I wont be going back to EVE because it just wasn't fun.

STO is fun...but I find it lacking goals.

It's like a comic book. You play for the adventure, but after maxing out your rank, there's nothing left to work for.

So I've decided not to renew my sub. I'm going to give it a year and see where STO goes. Cryptic, you have an awesome game, but I find it lacking in terms of goals.

Don't let the whole ST canon tie your hands. Players like to make money, players like to trade/buy/sell/manufacture/research. Expand these areas.

The ground combat is good, but needs a better AI.
The space combat needs help because you cant call in reinforcements. You have an away team helping you out on the ground, but no one helping you in space unless it's PVP. Allow flexibility with your crew and your spare ships.

Ships: my favorite part of the creation process. More features, more parts. No two ships should ever look alike.

Navigation: needs an overhaul. Point A to point B..the computer calculates the route and you are there. BTW, when did we get traffic cops in interstellar space telling us when we can warp and when we cant?

Expand the universe and make it a 3D map.

Missions: Branching missions are a must. Players must have options with differing results and differing rewards and challenges. Here's an idea. A mirror universe mission where the player meets himself on the battle ground with an identical mirror image of his ship and crew.

Good luck guys, and see you in a year.

PS. Got my first warning for using the word "******" in a post. You gotta have a sense of humor too.

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11-04-2010, 12:46 AM
Well, you are correct on a great many things, and this is by far the most positive Quit thread just about.

Wish you luck and hope to see you back in game soon, there are a lot of changes coming down the pipe so i hope your not set on the whole year out thing.

STO will continue to become and evolve to a better place of being, I firmly believe that.

Wish you the best amigo......and if it's not too much trouble........will you mail me your stuff? I have a Admiral with a bad Dabo habit.
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11-04-2010, 04:33 AM
I agree that this was a constructive critisism thread. I prefer to hear ideas and suggestions rather than whining. You sir, I salute for showing grace, tact and dignity.

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