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# 1 Collateral Damage
11-04-2010, 01:47 PM
Now I am all for having challenging missions on STO, however this one for lack of a better term is “****ing me off”. Now I realize that these are not the same Borg that we saw at the beginning of the game, not only are these Borg much tougher, but there are way too many of them to fight at any one time. I have tried multiple tactics, but things always turn out the same way, my away team gets defeated, and I have to start the fight all over again (7 or 8 times so far). Often without the amount of large hypos I had when I started this mission.

There is no way that this mission should be this tough on Normal difficulty. It actually stopped being fun to play for me. At the time of my writing this feedback, I am frustrated, tired, and a bit angry. I am considering walking away from STO for a couple of weeks, in favor of playing Fable 3, or Fallout: New Vegas, or Mass Effect 2, something that doesn’t leave me feeling bitter and angry.

In closing this feedback, let me say that “I hate this mission” but I will be back to beat it. Because I love playing STO.

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