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  • Bolt weapons now correctly display when fired.
  • Female characters have a new sprint animation.
  • The Slipstream Drive effect is now wide enough to fit Bird of Prey wings.
  • Cover Shield can no longer be used in social zones like Earth Spacedock or the Drozana Station.
  • Devidian neural energy drain will no longer effect turrets or other deployed objects.
  • The damage output of devidians has been slightly reduced for some of the ranks on the higher difficulty modes.

  • Blinking lights have been added to the Galaxy.
  • The Vor’cha Variant costume has been updated to fix a few minor graphical errors.

  • What Lies Beneath
    • The Engineering door now only shows up for Engineers, and successfully completes its optional mission.
    • The Engineering door no longer breaks for teams
    • The tactical optional turrets no longer attack Klingons.
      • Tactical turrets have been moved into a better position
    • A respawn point has been added near the final room
    • Spiders now make sounds when they aggro, attack, bite, and die.
  • Sibiran System is no longer sometimes referred to as Sibirian.
  • There are 3 new daily patrols in the neutral zone.

  • The sectors in the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block are no longer incorrectly labeled as “Systems.”

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