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I first want to say I enjoyed this mission. The puzzles were intriguing. Unfortunately, I didn't know that an accolade was available for getting through it without getting into a fight. I do have a gripe, though. That gripe is about the Retrofit Phaser Beam Bank.

When I first got it, I had thought it would be a weapon to be used against future enemies in space ( assumed the last part of the series may involve space combat); however, when I took a closer look at the stats of the weapon, I was sorely disappointment. Here's why:
  • The stats on the weapon are no different than those found on a regular Phaser Beam Bank in terms of damage and such.
  • My uncommon Beam Bank has the same exact stats as this rare Beam Bank.
  • It is clear that the only thing going for this weapon is its scalability to the tier of the player; however, at Level 41 - 51, the max scalability, it serves no purpose as a combat enhancer that cannot be filled by an uncommon weapon of the same type.
  • At Level 51, the weapon doesn't scale to MK XI, and even if it did, as I have mentioned a couple of times before, the weapons stats do not justify holding a weapon slot over better weapons available.

As I mentioned, this is a gripe simply because of the fact that this reward is useful to part of the player base only. At RA and VA, this weapon is useless to me which means I may as well have gotten no reward at all for this episode.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could take this into consideration when preparing future rewards. Make them available and useful to all tiers, not just a few. And as an addition, that includes the KDF for certain reward types.

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