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I don't understand why I can't just reshuffle my trays in game. Maybe I want my fore phasers as 1, torpedoes on 2, aft phaser on 3, etcetera. Right now, I have to open up a list of powers then drag and drop from there. That might work fine but when I see three phaser arrays in that list it doesn't tell me which bloody one it is. I drag and drop what I think are three different phasers or torpedoes or whatever and end up with the same damned one firing from three different keys. I just want to be able to look at the trays as they are when I purchase my ship and then sit there shuffling in and out of their positions without having to open up some master list. Why? Because I know that at the moment I'm looking at it, 1 is a certain thing, 2 another thing, etcetera -- then I can just grab it and move it where I want it to be.

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