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What I Loved:
  • Slingshot maneuver!
  • Holographic disguise for your ship.
  • More of Drozana.
  • Scotty! Yes!
  • Good ol' Captain B'vat!
  • Same high quality as the rest of this Series. Well done!

What was iffy:

The slingshot was great! Up until the end of the mission when Drake said: "Oh, by the way, you've had a Borg temporal node installed all along." Uh? I expected to do the slingshot again.

Trying to destroy the comet when absolutely swarmed by D7s. I respawned about four times before I got all the fragments. Is there a trick to this without getting shot at so much?

The "I need a drink" portion was frustrating, considering I was trying to save the Galaxy from a Devidian invasion.

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