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# 1 Why does Cryptic mock us so?
11-13-2010, 07:04 PM
Why does Cryptic mock us so? By us, I mean TOS fans.

First, we have the TOS Connie. By far the most iconic ship in all of Star Trek, and a huge fan favorite. But, it's a Tier 1 ship. It's useful through Lieutentant Commander (barely), and that's about it. Even though we spend most of our time at Vice Admiral, you can't even use it at VA, because not only do you have the penalty of Tier 1 ship stats (not enough hull, not enough weapons, not enough consoles and not enough bridge officers) but then you also have the power penalty, so even outfitting MK X and MK XI gear, isn't going to save you, because the gear actually scales down! So if you want to play using the TOS Connie, your option is to blow up all the time, or, restart your character every time the ship can't handle what you are fighting.

Then there is the TOS Uniforms. Which are fantastic. But, then any talk about TOS bridges and ship interiors is met with total silence. Why bother having TOS Uniforms, if the whole illusion is broken if you spend any time aboard your ship? And how about titles? People have been asking for the Commodore title for ages. It's a vanity title, how hard can it be? Yet, the devs haven't said yeah or nay on it. They just don't say anything.

Then there is the hand weapons. We finally get access to a Type 2 and Type 3 Phaser. Problem is, the rest of our Bridge Officers don't. How can you outfit a 5 person landing party, when you only have 2 weapons?

Really, Cryptic, do you just hate us and want to torment us?

People have been asking for this stuff, putting out ideas and requests, since this game went live. And you have given us some things, but you haven't gone all the way on it. Instead we get stuck with little bits and pieces here and there. We can't create a full adventure for ourselves because the bits and pieces just aren't enough.

Why couldn't the reward been a Rare Type 3 (scalable) phaser, with the selectable reward being 4 Type 2 Uncommon (scalable) phasers. Would that have been so bad? Instead, we get this wonderful little reward, and the option to fully outfit our crew is left dangling in front of us, like a steak, dangled in front of a dog, that is chained to his doghouse and he just can't reach it.

And why does there have to be such a penalty on the TOS Connie and other T1 and T2 ships? Why can't we have upgradeable ships? Why do we have to be penalized so heavily to play the way we want to play? You obviously want TOS fans to play, otherwise the uniforms and such wouldn't be in the game. But then when we do try and play, it's nothing but a joke because the ship can't handle it, or we don't have the weapons we need.

And what about the interiors? Why is there so much silence on the interiors? Is this something Cryptic just isn't prepared to do, and so you'd rather we be mad at you because of the silence, rather than break our hearts with the truth?

It's maddening. It's frustrating. Ultimately, it's depressing.

I know most will see this as QQ. I don't really care. It's how I feel on the matter.

Maybe this just won't be the game for me. I've played for a long while, and waited and waited, hoping that
down the road, I could finally play my way. Maybe that just won't happen. It's a shame really, at least from my standpoint. I like some parts of the game, and generally have some fun with it.

I'm just not having the fun I could be having, nor do I get the chance to play the way I want to play. And I'm not sure anymore that it's enough to keep me entertained and hanging around. /shrug

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