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# 1 mission caps
11-13-2010, 11:30 PM
touchy subject, but we best give our input before it gets set in stone

Maximum missions per account
by my reconing

1-3 missions max. Why did you waste your time making foundry ? seriously ?
4-5 missions max. Poor, you will have a mix bag of player created missions with almost no
dedicated UGC writers
6-10 missions max. passable, if dedicated writers have a way to increase that if needed
11-15 max. good...more than enuff for most writers, very few will find that limiting.
16- ? max. That works

Do keep in mind that a mission cap might be .... server memory protection insurance on your part,
it is a deal breaker on the players part.

From launch to current, when you think you know what the players want...and you act on it,
you are usually wrong

ASK US....don't guess

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