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I'm really looking forward to this revision, but would it also be possible to create a tab for PvP specific missions and contacts? While i enjoy seeing Mckenzie Calhoun in game, I'm tired of always seeing his name and the other PvP contact in my regular mission list, especially when i do not play PvP at all.

As your're adding a tab for UGC, Please add a tab for PvP .

Also, as we're on the subject, would it be possible to change the Mission Tracker log so that quests change depending on the sector you are in? As an example:

i am in sirius sector with the following:
* Vulcan Sector - 2 quests
* Orion Sector - 1 quest
* Risa Sector - 3 quests
in Beta Ursae, i have:
* Bajor Sector - 1 quest
* Cardassia Sector - 3 quests
* Kalandra Sector - no quests
I then Transwarp to Alpha Centari where i have:
* Teneebia Sector Map - 6 quests
* Sierra Sector Map - 3 quests
* Vendor Sector Map - 1 quests

Now if i start from sol system, what i envision is that as i pass between clusters and sectors, my mission Tracker automatically updates, placing active quests for the area on the top, (with the currently-selected primary always in spot 1 - regardless of sector). this way, the player is easily able to see available quests for the area without needing to stop to open the log file (Episode List) and select the quest to be set as primary....

Hope these two options are possible,

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