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I got the best laugh on STO that I've had in a long time with one of my tac chars tonight.

Just for the Deferi missions. Seriously...

Mining guy: "I realize the USS Altair is not a transport"
Me: *looks at little dinky Defiant* "Uh... what gave you that idea? I'll just put it in all the halls and crew quarters." :p

Seriously. A Defiant maybe shouldn't get offered that mission unless the ore is in very small cargo canisters to shove in every available space.

For those who've seen "More Tribbles, More Troubles" in the Animated series, with all the grain canisters in the corridors,well, a Defiant trying to ship ore is even sillier, considering how small it is :p They'd be stacking cargo canisters right up into the engine room. :p

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