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# 1 a few ideas
11-17-2010, 10:14 AM
Hey all what's up, here's just a few ideas for some minor tweaks. Firstly, having just a single of each battery type would be alot better than it being a consumable, for example your shield battery is permanent(hell you could even get rare ones etc if you like), which is recharged over time from your engines after use,(like a car charges it's battery), sharing a cd with any other type of battery like they currently do, also, continue to expand on boff comms, like "we've been boarded" from your tac off etc,.Also, kind of to go in hand with the foundry, perhaps a similar set-up for players to make holo-deck programs(not just missions)Along the lines of officers and crew if you wish to add more there I'm thinking on occasion, perhaps on certain find someone who will join your crew and have a related passive, like finding someone who's a pro with replicators expanding your replicator options, or a master helmsman giving minor speed/maneuver buff etc(hell even an uber-rare El-Aurian bartender.................hi Guinan!! :0).More slots for trophies, and a heads up(perhaps from a boff) if you enter a story-line or weekly mission with an accolade .Also, it would be great if you could place individual boff spots on the rearrange hud screen(like one one top of the other or whatever).Also, it would be nice to set up small scripts for your officers as well, like targeting destructible missiles or mines(or both?) with next avail beam etc.

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