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ok i don't know if this is the correct area for this post, but i have a suggestion, and found no suggestion area in the forum, i could have not looked well enough, if so my bad, but anyway, my suggestions are both of the following:

Also take in mind these suggestions are for people with LifeTime Subscriptions, and if even one was implemented, it could serve as more of an incentive for people to attempt the one time purchase of a lifetime acct.

1: - Since Lifetime subscribers are locked in to never have their accounts expire unless they grossly violate the games TOS agreement, i believe that they should be granted all veteran rewards upon their release to the "holodeck" server even if they have not yet reached that game time requirement, also since most or all of the most useful veteran rewards are one time use anyway like one that offers 1 free respec token as an example,

2: - also i think that Lifetime Subscribers should be given either unlimited Cryptic Points or at least the more reasonable variant of this idea, a monthly allowance of 300 or 500 cryptic points.

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