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11-20-2010, 10:56 AM
Camera is hard to do on any game except FPS. This is especially true with action games. For example, I loaded up Elite Force and put the camera into 3rd person. Very hard to play in that mode.

Still, it's possible and they are trying so we'll see how ESD looks after the revamp.

Before we even discuss adjusting the camera for ship interiors, I'd prefer to see some more functionality.
I would too, like a mini-ESD. Put a BO as your CMO and have him/her in sickbay and allow them to heal injuries.
Put in mail terminals in your ready room.
Add level 1 crafting (once you max it out) to your engineering lab.
Those alone would make interiors more used I think and it shouldn't be much of an issue to do them since the maps are already made all it would require is an NPC or model with the proper tags.

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