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Hey guys, after running Night of the Comet with the gf today, I thought I would post about my experience.

I'd already run this mission with a group a few days ago, and I wanted to catch her up. I'm a VA and she's a mid level commander. We grouped up in Eta Eridani, and while I invited her to join the group first, I promoted her to group leader before we entered the system to begin the mission (she had it and didn't share, I was able to enter anyway). I figured I'd be OP for the mission and since we were playing on normal difficulty

So far so good, we do the slingshot after one failed attempt, get to old Drozana, board the station. This is where things start to get wonky. Even though it's just the two of us, her character starts to get cut down rather easily, and we both die a few times when fighting the groups of Devidians. Even though it's on Normal, it's not toooo big of a deal, so we push through with our whole group only wiping once. The puzzle game with the drink was a bit on the silly side but it broke up gameplay nicely.

Then it's back out to space, facing that eventually huge group of D7s and B'vat. This is where things get more... not so good. I decide to take on the ships first so she can go after the comet. I'm an escort so I get hammered pretty hard, and eventually get destroyed. Her commander level ship gets destroyed within seconds of being targeted. We respawn and go again, and are destroyed again after barely opening fire on the comet. Then destroyed again. And again. We try different tactics to get to the comet without coming into much contact with the klingon fleet (we aren't expert mmo players so we couldn't kite that well) but nothing ends up working.

It was about here that I started sensing something was very wrong. We were playing on normal, and even though she was the group leader, my difficulty showed as Normal too. However, she finally notices that the comet fragments are +27 to her. So naturally I check too. 0 for me. The game had adjusted the mission to my level even though I wasn't the group leader and didn't have the mission! Baffled, I finally had her swap the group leadership back to me and matched my level, then went after the comet again. I get destroyed in the process, but at least we polished off the rest of the core fragments.

Needless to say that this mission wasn't a very good experience for myself (a bigger gamer, something of an mmo vet) or her (more casual, limited time to play, "ooo looks pretty!" type of player). Of course, getting destroyed repeatedly was hugely damaging to overall enjoyment, especially when the destruction only takes a few seconds. I'm not sure how most players would react to this... they might not even realize that the auto difficulty was acting strangely or incorrectly (hell, it might have been working right for all I know, and I was just misusing it somehow). But if I were not so heavily involved in the game (yes, I do like it. Gasp!), she would have absolutely stopped paying for the game right then and there.

I'm not sure how important this sort of target demo is for the game, but I'm posting here anyway in the hopes that someone will read this. I feel like this sort of subscriber is exactly the sort of customer STO should be looking to hold on to, and destroying their like of the game with a mission (on top of featuring it in a weekly mission!) like this is ABSOLUTELY NO BUENO.

I'll consider this my two cents given. =D
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11-19-2010, 05:01 AM
Hmm, that does sound annoying having it not matching the levels properly. Isn't there some kind of option to toggle that? I'm not much of a PvE'er so i'm not really sure.

When it came to blowing up the comet. I just went for it and nothing else blowing up all the fragments and everything without hassling the enemy ships that were growing rather rapidly around me.
T^hankfully though i was in a carrier and could soak up the fire from them without too much bother. It was only right on the last couple of pieces of the comet that i really started getting hammered and i popped about 3 seconds after the final piece had been destroyed.

Retrospectivly i probably really shouldn't have done it this way at all. but ah well it worked.
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11-19-2010, 06:41 AM
There is an option to match the leader's level. I guess the question is, if you don't select that, do the enemies match the highest level?
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11-19-2010, 10:10 AM
Hello- I'm the gf referred to in the beginning post who apparently is an "ooo look pretty" type of player.

I'd just like to clarify a few things- first, I do usually really enjoy playing the game. The weekly missions are my favorite because of the stories being told- I like being involved in bringing the stories to a satisfying conclusion over the span of a few weeks. That being said, I do work long hours and have limited time to play. I like to jump on once a week, get into the story, and go through and finish the mission as a nice little end to my evening before bed. Plus, it's a good way to stay involved in one of the bf's main hobbies. =)

But, the mission last night was frustrating. Very very frustrating. It was all the more disappointing because the missions leading up to this one were so well done, I was eager to end the story on the same note. I see now that had I been a more savvy player I would have realized that the comet shards were +27 immediately, but unfortunately I am not an experienced gamer. And dying within 5 seconds of respawning over and over again is not the way I was hoping to end my evening.

Fortunately, the bf was able to find a fix as he explained, and I am crossing my fingers in the hopes that will prevent something like this from happening to us again. However, I am concerned about this happening to people who don't have someone like the bf around to find a fix. Honestly, if I had just been playing casually with a friend and had the experience of last night, I might just give up on the game altogether.

I don't know if it's a bug that needs to be fixed, or if the proper way to use the level matching system just needs to be better explained by Cryptic, but something should be done to improve the system. The last thing that anyone wants at this point is something stupid like that turning people away from what is shaping up to be a really awesome game.

Okay- back to work. Shhh, don't tell my boss I was here. ;-)
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11-20-2010, 05:05 AM
I was also having difficulty with this mission. I couldn't get near the remaining comet fragments before getting wasted by the huge fleet of klingons all over the map - they were camping my respawn point and I would be half dead almost before the loading screen had cleared.

I did however find my own little work around. I cancelled the mission and reaccepted it. It meant I had to do the slingshot again (failed twice, was warped out of the system, popped back in for a retry and the autopilot did the work - why couldn't have done that in the first place!?!), and all the stuff on the station again, but it meant I had a clear field for the comet "battle" again.

Once back out in space, the first thing I did was disable the first wave of Klingon ships - you never get to destroy them so you can shoot with impunity. Once they were drifting helplessly in space, I went and blew up the comet, which broke into three shards. Two more Klingon ships appeared and rather than chase after the comet fragments, I disabled the new arrivals. Basically, everytime new ships spawned, I disabled them before destroying another bit of the comet. When I was down to the last fragment or so, B'Vat's ship tries to ram mine, so I just pour all my power into my engines to keep ahead of him while shooting the last bit of the comet.

Job done! (Although it took a LONG time!)
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11-21-2010, 01:11 AM
Originally Posted by RogueEnterprise View Post
Hey guys, after runni...

I'm gonna let you finish, but you have one of the hottest girlfriends of all time!!!
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11-21-2010, 01:34 AM
I had to sign on just to vent my own EXTREME frustration and absolute DISGUST with the way this mission played out. It was not just frustrating, it was .. and IS ... totally INSIDIOUS, STUPID, and TOTALLY beyond the pale to expect anyone who enjoys a challenge to actually ENJOY going on a MULTIPLE SUICIDE MISSION like this one.

I had been enjoying the weekly editions up and until this last one. I actually enjoyed the beam down and taking out the Devidians on the station...and getting to work with Scotty a bit.

But, creating this totally IMPOSSIBLE to be done without dying....over, and over, and over...and over...and over.......

If this cannot be corrected then I've lost all enthusiasm for what this game is all about.

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