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Hey STO Admirals and Devs,

I have just returned from a hiatus since march so excuse me if this has already been posted. Yes, I did a search but at this time it was not functioning on my phone correctly.

I was watching TNG again and noticed something I felt was missing from STO that could greatly
add the the immersion of the game while piloting in sector space. The bridge sounds. You all know them,
the beeping of the consoles, and the humming of the warp nacells as you travel through space at warp speed. I noticed that in TNG the sounds were always present, I felt that if we had them while in sector space it would be something that would pull you into STO just a little more.

If it is something the DEVs feel would be annoying, perhaps an option to turn the sounds off. I just know that I for one would love to hear them when traveling the Universe at Warp Speed.

That's it, thanks everyone for taking time to read this.

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