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Please read this STO Dev's.. Your all ammazing! =)

I was enjoying one of the many varied planet scapes generated by explore missions and I noticed a really exciting / interesting plant which had not spawned in any previous instances (so that I noticed at least).

I thought to myself, "I wish I could pick that and put it onto my bridge" and then it struck me! Why not?

There could be one for each discipline, Scientists could be botonists (and collect curious flowers). Engineers could be geologists (and interesting collect rocks), Tactical Officers could be "trophy collectors" and pickup the various (currently none interactable) disguarded weapons

It would be SO simple to implement. Every object in the game has to have some reference code, simply group them by type (probably already the case) and allow players to "collect" them in missions.

It could have a "collect them all" style Accolade for someone collecting all plants. Once collected, they can be placed at user discression around their ship interior!

How ammazing would that be! For me completely awesome. Everyones ship would be totally unquique inside and out and it would be insentive to find the rarer spawing game objects.

Please please please DEV's read this and comment!

I know UGC will add alot of cusomisation options, but this would be something integrated within the game. Even possibly, UGC generators would have to COLLECT the objects in game they wanted to use in UGC!


If you do add the idea, give DoggyDude a shout out in the Dev notes hehehe. Hoping you love it as much as I do.
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# 2
11-10-2010, 11:16 AM
I don't think its gonna happen anytime soon as the Devs have expressed wishes to go back and completely redo how exploration works.
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# 3
11-10-2010, 12:57 PM
Not even close to simple to implement.
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# 4 Its crazy simple to implement!
11-12-2010, 08:01 PM
Though prehaps not AS simple as changing some text or similar.

They already have the whole trophy room on the bridge, they already have the models and artwork for the plants. They are already implementing a system to allow users to create and place content. The only heavy work part I can envision is in adding descriptions for the plants which make sense in the game world (as appose to Plant44a or whatever internal naming their using in their object library) and setting up the per user database of which plants they have found. Its definitely work, but its not as much work as other changes.

Sill not seen any Dev responses .
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# 5 Awws, no Dev comments?
11-18-2010, 06:56 AM
Please, please, please give me some feed back on this idea

You all doing an awesome job so far! I'd love to know if this is something that might be a possiblity.
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# 6 No posts :(
11-22-2010, 07:47 PM
Very sad that I've not had a single Cryptic worthy read and comment on this great idea. I know theres lots of ideas out ther, but I thought this one quite special. At least worth a comment?

Please, please, plz someone from Cryptic read this idea and at least say what u think

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