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Hey guys, below is my idea for Mission Specializations which involves an overhaul of Diplomacy and the addition of Scientific and Millitary Missions.

The player can choose only 1 of the three mission specializations, Diplomacy, Scientific and Millitary, and be given titles apropriate for their specialization, such as Diplomat for Diplomacy, Scientist for Scientific and General for Millitary.

When a specialization is chosen, you may go above the first rank in that specialization, and you can only aquire the first rank of the other two. This is so that everyone doesnt become god characters who are lvl 51 Vice Admirals who are also Master Ambasadors, Scientists Supreme and Legendary War Winning Generals. Mary Sue was bad enough, we dont need another.

The rewards for Diplomatic Ranks would also be revamped to be more relevent to Diplomacy. The ability to trans-warp to space stations should be a basic ability aquisition which are aquired as you raise your standard rank, and not tied to Diplomatic Rank.

To combat this, Cryptic could allow players the one time option to switch their current Diplomatic Rank for the same rank in one of the other two Specializations. Sort of like a reimbursment for the effort they put in leveling their diplomacy rank if they would rather be a specialist in Scientific or Millitary matters. New characters will not have the option to switch specialization.

The player can aquire missions related to their specialization whenever they desire, but the types of missions they may requisition are limited depending on their rank. A low level Millitary Luitenant isnt going to be trusted with anything vital to the outcome of the war, and a test-tube cleaner isnt going to be trusted in studying a rip in the space/time continuum, so low ranking players will be given very low priority missions until they raise their rank as a General, Scientist or Diplomat.

Diplomatic Missions focus on the player using diplomacy to end conflicts, forge bonds and alliance, broker peace, and generaly avoid conflict as much as possible.

First Contact Missions
Already in-game.

Aid Planet
Already in-game. The player must deliver supplies to a planet.

Already in-game. The player must investigate the source of accidents within the area.

Peace Talks
The player must negotiate peace talks between two or more waring factions. There may or may not be a small amount of combat involved.

Trade Meetings
The player must negotiate trade agreements between one or more parties and the Federation.

Legal Investigations
The player must perform an investigation into some legal matter. There may or may not be a small amount of combat involved.

Courtroom Trials
The player must prove the guilt/innocence of one or more characters in court.

Archiological Digs
The player must perform archeoligcal digs to uncover artifacts, tech, etc...

Translating Forgotten Languages
The player must perform research into alien languages and translate the text and symbols on artifacts.

Scientific Missions focus on scientific study and documentation. Players will receieve Science Merit for completing these missions and will raise their Science Rank. Some Science Rank rewards can be things like an upgraded Science Lab on your ship, the ability to Trans-Warp to Memory Alpha aswell as easier access to randomly generated Science Missions.

Scan Lifeforms/Artifacts
Already in-game. Scan lifeforms/artifacts on a planets surface. Sometimes there will be no enemies, soemtimes there will be agressive wildlife and sometimes enemy humanoids will already be present or follow you onto the planet.

Collect Data
Already in-game. Scan energy signatures in space. There may or may not be combat.

Animal Samples
The player must kill and/or capture wildlife for study.

Treat Sick/Wounded
The player must treat sick and/or wounded NPC's.

Create Cure
The player must create the cure for diseases.(as the diplomatic mission already in-game)

Technological Experiment
The player must perform an expriment with one or more technologies.

Recover Ancient Technology
The player must recover lost technology. This technology may or may not be protected by humanoids, wildlife or machines.

Decipher Ancient Technology
The player must conduct research to decipher the purpose of alien technology.

Millitary Missions involve the player activley taking part in war, rather than randomised skirmishes that may or may not have anything to do with a war. The player will recieve Medals of War/War Exp for completing these missions and will raise their millitary rank. Rewards for raising your Millitary Rank could be things like Transwarp Access to certain Millitary INstillations and easier access to randomly generated Millitary missions.

Retake Settlement/Base/Structure
The player must clear a place of enemy troops.

End Blockade
The player must end a blockade around a planet.

Initiate Blockade
The player must defeat the patrols around a planet and set up a blockade.

The player must sabotage an enemy base/weapon/ship

The player must rescue captured allies such as a captured spy, prisoners of war, etc...

The player must extract someone from behind enemy lines, such as a friendly spy, sabatour, etc...

The players must assasinate a powerful/important figure among the enemies forces, such as a general, spy or scientist.

The player must participate in a battle. These can be land or space based and involve the player having to team up with an army of NPC's to help defeat another army of NPC's.

Set Defenses
The player must set up defenses on or above a planet, such as a minefield or turret installation.

The player must defend a settlement/base/planet/gate from waves of enemies.

The player must escort a ship/character to a certain location on the map.
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09-01-2010, 07:36 AM
Here is an example of how a Diplomatic Mission might go.

You contact Starfleet and aquire a randomly generated Diplomatic Mission, a Archeological Excevation is to be started by you on a planet in the Arucanis Arms.

Upon arriving at the designated planet, you beam down and set up a camp. You then are given some devices which will help you uncover the artifacts/technology hidden below ground. You have to place several nodes in a formation, then activate them, they will then send shockwave scans inwards of the shape you placed them in, and wrap around/bounce off of anything hidden underground, which will be shown on a special minimap designed to show this information. This is how you find each artifact. You must do this several times to locate all the artifacts.

Once you have found all the artifacts they will be excivated. You must then interact with the artifacts to scan and decipher them. You will then be shown some alien text. Now, you must look through a library of alien languages and texts to see if you can identify what civilization they belong to. If they are not listed, you have discovered artifacts of unknown origin which Starfleet will be most interested in. Discovering unknown artifacts warrents a higher reward.

Below is a log listing of the objectives as they would be seen in game.

Set Up Camp 0/1
Locate Artifacts 0/4
Scan Artifacts 0/4
Decipher Artifacts 0/4
Log Discoveries 0/4

Some of these missions may have combat, you may have to pacify some of the local wildlife, or humanoids may have followed you to the site and wish to steal the artifacts/research. If the artifacts belong to a specific race, it may be members of that race who beam down to try and take them from you, such as the Romulans.
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09-01-2010, 12:13 PM
These are some really well though out ideas. I would go for, if nothing else, the new mission types you have suggested. And while I think a specialization would be cool, opening up the the entire scope of missions and rewards to everyone wouldn't be overpowered, nor would it force players to give up their diplomatic titles or rewards.

Another suggestion you might look into for specialization would to have a player choose a specialization to achieve ranks above and beyond the normal core for each type. Take for instance our Diplomatic corp. we have lots of people who have made Ambassador. Now they decide to level up in Science to "Scientist" ad the military career path to "General" now they can choose to have one to specialize in and earn more powerful rewards, but only for one of the three specialties. Let's say I choose Diplomacy again, I could become "Master Ambassador" or something like that.

Another thing to look into is taking this model and -reinventing it so that the Klingons' and any future race could also have a set of three.

nice ideas though.
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09-01-2010, 12:28 PM
I think the premise offered is promising, especially in the light that it would streamline and develop upon what has already been implemented in-game.
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I would like to suggest that there should be some missions developed that are specific to the type of ship that you have for example if you have a science ship then you should have some extra science and research type missions and or a mission or two using experimental type shields or weapons to test and in one case that could cause you to travel back in time or forward in time as a possibility
and those that have escort ships should do a few extra escort missions and if you are a cruiser ship then there should be something specific to cruise ships it will make the game more replayable and allow users to want to experiment with different types of ships you could even make it more so where if your a tactical captain maybe have a mission that is specificly tactical based and one for engineers that is engineering based and science officer that is more science based

I would also like to suggest two contests on e is a ship design contest where people can submit pictures of a future federation and a future klingon ships for each category of ship.

another contest is to have people write a future story and or plot line that can be used by either federation or klingon

well I was thinking that the reward would be to if those weapons or shields are effective then you will get to use those weapons for a period of time like 3 days of game time. kind of like cryptic did in some of the missions in city of heros. and if research turns out that the experimental equipment is no better then standard equipement then you get a reward credits platinum, and a choice of a weapon , shield or device or console that is only available for doing that research mission no where else.

some other science missions would be a whole world is infected and you have a certain amount of time to find a cure and there is a count down going on, but you can use all of your contacts int he federation that give you missions to give you clues, and you can beam a sample to a protective container but you need to scan the atmosphere and gather as much information to determin what kind of containment and shielding is best to put sample in else your entire crew get infected and if you get infected and your crew gets infected then the time could speed making you need to work faster for a a sample you can also request the aid of fleet members to help doing testing by having them doing certain steps of the testing while you do other steps I could right like six plot lines and sub plots of what could happen in such a mission

escorts it would be more like escorting a ship or merchant or cargo vessels with a couple of other computer controlled ships and you have to protect the vessel or vessels from attack with a small squadron of ships to help you and the ships will be randomly generated so that each time you have a different set of escorts vessels assisting you. as a result of success you get some temporary weapons either ground weapons to ship weapons or shields if you are successful and a possibility of keeping that weapon if you do a certain amount of escort missions within a 3 day period.
also after you do all of the escort missions you can then choose any ship that you want as a reward anyttype of ship.
also in one of the escort missions at random there is a possibility that you could fail such as a large number of ships that fly in that you can't possibly deal with and your forced by the federation to retreat to a safe distance when you do that you then have to follow the enemys to see where they take the vessel but you have to stay out of there scanner range and then once you find the location a bunch of federaton ships join you at which point you can then call on your fleet to join and others to team up with you and join the fight as well.
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11-22-2010, 04:31 PM
Bump. I still think this idea of mine is worth some consideration.
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11-23-2010, 02:56 AM
Great idea man.

Science missions especially would be damn good.

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