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# 1 Fix the GD missions already
11-23-2010, 03:50 AM
Ok so we all know how we feel about the amount of server downtime this game has per month when other companies have thier MMOs back up in about five minutes, but what are we really paying for? I know I can't be the only one who would really like to see some off the aspects of this game changed.

1. The Gather Data (GD) missions. How many times have you lost the last anamaly in the sea of windows that pop up right at the end of the mission? I know when the mission is over, the music changes, the mission window displays depart system, etc. Where does my punk (donkey) science officer get off telling me it is time to leave? Article 15 ring a bell to anyone?

2. Auto Nav. This (poop) has been broken since the game was released way too early. Instead of it bringing you to one point on the map, shouldn't it find the shortest route? i.e... I dunno a straight line from where you are to the sector your trying to goto and what is up with going to Regulus from Sol it takes you 5 LY in the wrong direction. They must have hired the programer from Tom Tom to write the code. Ensign Crusher YOUR FIRED!

3.Fleet actions and Task Force missions. The fleet actions are great when the people that are in them are not sitting dead somewhere untill they are almost over. Ever notice how many peeps appear out of the woodwork when you have gotten it down to the last objective? If your monitor is sitting on the respawn screen for more than thirty seconds your obviously are mooching off the hard work of the ones who are actually playing the game. Force them out of the mission!

I can't even count how many posts have been put on this forum about the problems with the task forces, yet of course Cryptic does nothing to fix them. Novel idea dev stop focusing on new content and take some time to fix what is almost playable.

I'm sure I forgot some epic failure(s), so feel free to reply in kind to this post. Maybe if enough of us pitch a (female dog) they will start listening. I doubt it though, but at least I feel like I'm getting my money's worth taking up space on their server with this post.

P.S. I cannot take any credit with the ideas I have shared here. I am sure they have been patanted by the same formentioned company, anyone surprised by that?

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