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# 1 Borg BO c-store purchase
11-26-2010, 10:26 AM
So I love my borg BO. She is awesome. But there was a problem I noticed after I got her. She has superior nanites. This is supposed to give her shield regen and health regen. So her natural health regen should start like this: 115% outside of combat and 15% in combat. Well, it doesn't actually show as that. She has 100% out and 0% in. I know this seems minor but to me it isn't I did pay for it with cold hard cash. The extra health regen is supposed to help her out as well. I give her a health regen tribble if I want for 2.5% extra, I am a betazoid so thats another 5%, I gave her armor that has 33%. So all in all she should be getting like 155.5% outside of combat and 55.5% in combat. My Bajoran BO should not be getting higher health regen than this character especially since hers is only the normal one that she gets for being bajoran, and this borg BOs trait is set as superior. I haven't even been able to test her shield regen, as I am not sure how to test it, but if the health one is bugged this probably is as well. At least I think that would be possible

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