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Seriously, I have had fun testing on Tribble, but the c-store is turned off in there ( I assume this is planned so have not bugged it)
But maybe it should be turned on. Because something is causing crashes and was not tested. I can do all kinds of stuff, but with EACH c-store purchase I get a HARD crash, where STO shuts down and tells me to input what I was doing. Which was buying something from the c-store.

Nothing else causes crashes. And EACH purchase causes a crash. Is this because you get trampled by Federation Shoppers as you stand around paying for your item? If it were Ferengi, I might understand, but Federation???

You should fix this fast, as it will make Black Friday a horrible experience.
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11-26-2010, 09:02 PM
I purchased a couple of things today without any crashing. It seems like it's something going on with your system rather then the c-store. You should probably post this in the tech forum, along with your system specs, so someone from tech can see it.
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11-26-2010, 10:39 PM
C-Store is not enabled in tribble to prevent you from spending money on things that might get lost in the event of a character wipe. Ships and other major gameplay effecting C-Store items can usually be purchased in game instead on tribble. I'm sure the store got plenty of testing though, as it's a separate system shared with CO.

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