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First off i love the idea of this ship the federation has been needing something that fill's the role of dreadnought for a long time... That being said here comes the feedback.

On a visual basis i immediately noticed a few glitches that were sort of annoying.

1. 2 little red lights below and to the left, i assume they are supposed to be somewhere else but i dont know where exactly.

2. When u fire DHC from this ship they seem to fire from space Below the ship.

3. The middle nacel seems to be non functional it dosent leave any trails when u fly around or warp in/out and is just to obvious that it hasnt been fully visually implimented.

Balance/mechanics feedback.

1. Spinal Mounted Phaser Beam: A very good idea for a dreadnought type ship. Visually lackluster but that should be easily remidied
A. On a balance note. This weapon does NOT do as much dmg as a Beam Bank or even a beam ARRAY using Beam overload 3. In concert with the fact that BO3 has a much lower cooldown and is even availible on the execior, i belive this needs some tweaking.
Suggestion For Spinal Mounted Phaser Beam: Either decrease the cooldown to something in between 15-45 seconds, Or increase the amount of damage that it does significantly... That or decrease its damage and just make it a VERY powerful forward beam mount weapon. like any other beam weapon.

2. Cloak: Not exactly nessicary on a cruiser to say the least. Thoug im happy to see more fed ships getting a cloak. It dosent seem like it adds much to this ship except in pvp and then not much.

3. Ability to mount Cannons: A very nice addition. Although with the poor turn rate makes it VERY difficult to use to say the least..
Suggestions For the ship to balance cannon use: Perhaps you could have cannons do more damage on these ships. That or give the Gal x A lt commander Tactical officer slot. Being as that all of the cannon related tactical abilities are LT or higher, having 2 ens tactical slots and no lt commander slot on a ship that can mount cannons seems more a cruel joke.

4 General Feedback: The word dreadnought suggest some kind of lumbering powerhouse of neigh indestructable fortitude. Well the lumbering part is coverd. The Powerhouse and toughness needs some work.

Suggestions: If your going to call it a dreadnougt, give it some Hit Point, or Damage resistance baseline bonus, And shield bonuses too. Also i feel that it should have either more baseline weapon power or recive a bonus to weapon damage(similar to escort).

These are just a few ideas. When u compare this ships with the excelcior it dosent seem to balance quite right. Please just give it some thought. Thank you.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
11-29-2010, 04:35 PM
Well said, Senor Bus Driver, well said.
The Dread has always been the worst-designed and most frustrating ship out of them all: its giant size should make enemies want to turn tail when they see it coming, they should FEAR that Spinal Lance! It should have the latest shields and nano-technology; it should have a hull so thick torpedoes bounce off like chiclets; its weapons, so powerful they cut through smaller ships.
That would be truer to the definition of 'Dreadnought.' Look it up; according to the dictionary, it is:

dreadnought, dreadnaught [ˈdrɛdˌnɔːt]
1. (Military) a battleship armed with heavy guns of uniform calibre

There should therefore be restrictions to, and special abilities given, any such class of starship. Captaining it ought to be based on accolades and proven battle skills, as well as rank and definitely engineering prowess. I believe it was a mistake to make the Dread a C-Store purchase -- I think it should be earned, I mean, something like that ship, would you want it in the hands of those incapable?
Therein lies the problem, though, ANYONE can have it, and it's woefully underpowered. A complete redesign and upgraded abilities (including those needed to pilot it correctly, and those include not having to respec skills back into phasers just to have any hope of getting the most Lance damage possible!) seems to be the only logical alternative.

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